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Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery appreciate the importance of well-maintained burial sites as cultural resources and are committed to the protection and preservation of these sites from unwarranted disturbances, both natural and man-made.

The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery will reach out to all areas of York County to achieve:

•  Preservation and promotion of historic Mount Olivet Cemetery's natural beauty and historic past.
•  The gathering and exchanging of information regarding the significance of historic Mount Olivet Cemetery among individuals and organizations       concerned about the cemetery's preservation and its history. 
•  Increasing public awareness of the historical and cultural significance of historic Mount Olivet Cemetery by sponsoring educational, cultural, historical, and technical programs.
•  Encouraging organizations to collaborate with the Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery, a group that will become the source for historic resource and preservation.
•  Learning about the legislation affecting burial sites in York County and those applicable state laws affecting historic Mount Olivet Cemetery.

How Can You Help?

•  Join the Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery as an individual. Inform others of its mission and encourage your friends and associates to join.
•  Share with Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery your knowledge, experience and expertise by volunteering your time and talent.

Donations or Membership to The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery  
For those who would like to support The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery and have little time, a small donation is appreciated.

Mount Olivet Cemetery provides the public with a fiscally sound, non-denominational and professionally run facility that partners with and guides families through the final memorializing of a loved one.  All donations are tax deductible.  To obtain a form, please contact the Cemetery Office at 717-637-5294, or by email.

Genealogy Services
A growing number of genealogy requests is received weekly at the office.  Requests often include finding an ancestor's grave site location, and a photograph of the grave stone.  A service for this information is being offered by the Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery and for a small administrative fee.  To request our genealogy services, you may contact the Cemetery Office at 717-637-5294, or by email.  

The Hanover and York County areas are fortunate to have great resources available to researchers. We hope that you visit Hanover to learn more about your family history.  Below are a few of the resources to help you on your journey.

  • Hanover Area Historical Society/Yelland Library, 21 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA
Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery, 725 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA 17331 Phone: 717 637-5294  E-mail