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The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery will create 
an awareness of the cemetery's potential 
as a unique, historical community resource 
through researcheducation, and preservation.

        Our Mission
Burials are about celebrating life, and cemeteries become the home after death for our loved ones.  However, cemeteries are more than that.  They are where history comes alive!

Visitors who walk through a historic cemetery like Mount Olivet will be surrounded by history.  The structures, the beautifully etched grave stones, and the family plots tell stories of how families are connected through marriage, of the Veterans who served their country, and of Hanover's history. The beautiful tradition continues today, but not without mention of how we are evolving.

At Mount Olivet Cemetery pets are laid to rest in the Pet Haven Garden, Veterans honored at the Victory Garden, just to name a few. Vaults are evident throughout the cemetery gardens for cremated remains.  

The Friends of Mount Olivet are dedicated to not just the preservation of the old, but to ensure that the future of Mount Olivet Cemetery will continue to respectfully honor your family members and offer outstanding service to our community.

Who's Who at Mount Olivet Cemetery

Col. Richard McAllister (1725-1795)
Founder of Hanover, Revolutionary War Veteran.

Maj. William S. Diller (1842-1896)
Civil War Veteran with Company D, 76th Regiment.

Mary Shaw Leader (1835-1913)
Female journalist reported on President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

John Luther Long (1855-1927)
Distinguished lawyer, playwright, novelist; creator of the 
short story that was inspiration for 'Madame Butterfly.'

Col. Henry Slagle (1735-1811)
Ardent patriot, faithful officer during the Revolutionary War,
 and upright citizen of Hanover.

John and William Hoffacker
John was the first  local soldier to die on the first day of the 
Battle of Hanover, and brother William died later resulting from injuries obtained from the Civil War.

Andrew R. Brodbeck (1860-1937)
Politician, churchman, and businessman who served as U. S. Congressman between 1912-1914 and 1916-1918.

Lucy Forney-Bittinger (1859-1955)
Deaconess of Presbyterian Church, missionary, donor of the Forney - Bittinger Chapel at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Mount Olivet Cemetery is home 
to many more notable Hanover
citizens.  Research into their lives
is another of the many projects of 
The Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery.

More stories can be read on Facebook, or from our newsletters on the Homepage.

Restoration of these historic and delicate monuments is an ongoing  and costly process.  The Friends of Mount Olivet are committed to raising the necessary funds to preserve this historic gem for future generations.
Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery, 725 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA 17331 Phone: 717 637-5294  E-mail