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         Discovering History at Mount Olivet Cemetery
Thank you for your interest in Mount Olivet Cemetery. We are a dedicated group of individuals interested in promoting and preserving Mount Olivet Cemetery's natural beauty and history. We assist the Board of Directors and the cemetery staff in the ongoing preservation and discovery of this local, historic treasure.

Why are historic cemeteries important?  They are...

•Outdoor History Museums
•Art Galleries
•Animal Refuges
•Places for Historical Research
•Botanical Gardens/Arboretums
•Places to Contemplate Life or Spirituality
•Remember those that have gone before us

         News from Garden of Souls at Mount Olivet Cemetery
Bringing the dead to life.  If the dead could speak to us from their graves, what would they tell us?  That is what we are 'digging' to find as we research the residents of Mount Olivet Cemetery.  These historic tales are just one of the objectives that the Friends of Mount Olivet are on a mission to uncover. 
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Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery, 725 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA 17331 Phone: 717 637-5294  E-mail

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   Genealogy Services
There is a saying, it takes a village to raise a child.  Might the same be true about historic cemeteries? - It takes a community of passionate people to ensure that the cemetery lives forever in its community.

There are multiple opportunities to help Mount Olivet Cemetery for people of all talents. To learn how you can help.  Read more here.
Perhaps you want to learn more about the history which lies within our cemetery.

Are you searching for the burial site of an ancestor, or wanting a photograph of the grave stone?  We now offer those services.  Read more here.

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The scanned image (left) is of the Iron Pavilion circa 1897. Seated are Willie and Eddie Heng. (Source: Hanover Pictorial History, A publication of the Evening Sun 1995 Edition, page 8)  Click here to open our Spring 2017 newsletter.

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